Absolute Vending Service, Inc. began in 1979, a dream shared by Jim & Mary Bollinger.  Jim had worked in vending his entire life, he began at the age of 14 by washing pop bottles for a neighborhood vendor on the north side of Chicago in 1951, worked his way through 3 vending companies doing route work, repair, sales and management.  After close to 30 years in the business he and his wife knew they could succeed and, using a lifetime of friendships and connections to get started they literally began the business in their garage and on the kitchen table.  The great American dream. 
The company quickly grew from one initial location to a leading organization in the vending industry and currently is under the management of son-in-law Dave Campbell and daughter Bobbi Campbell. 

Absolute Vending’s greatest strength is its employees. The combined experience of our team is over 350 years in vending and food service with 10 of our best having been employed here for 30 or more years.
Absolute Vending focuses on four lines of business; vending, OCS (Office Coffee Service), water cooler rentals & service and Micro Markets.
Our vending customers are located throughout the greater Chicago area and represent every possible kind of business such as education, corporations, machine shops, tech industries, transportation companies and manufacturing.
Our OCS customers rely on us for office coffee supplies and other breakroom needs and often are also our vending customers.  We provide water cooler rentals and service to many of these same customers.  Most of our customers have been with us for many years, some for many decades.  We benefit from their loyalty and are grateful for their friendship.
The vending industry has seen a technical modernization in recent years and Absolute Vending is a current and viable part of this trend.  Vending machines today accept non-cash payments, can guarantee delivery of product and monitor themselves for safety and health reasons. They can communicate in real time with the home office, reporting accurate inventory requirements.  And they can report their own service calls. Absolute Vending Service, Inc. is applying this valuable technology with the following goals:
Ø Product sales information is immediate and accurate, giving greater control over inventory.
Ø Item sales are concisely reported with predictive sales built-in, greatly improving merchandising.  This forecasting helps management concentrate sales for specific items where and when they are wanted, thereby using the limited space inside the machine to it’s greatest advantage.
Ø Modernization of our current equipment enhances its value, giving it new life, while controlling the cost of these improvements.

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