Do Your Body Right-Drink Water

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Water Coolers By Natural Choice

We carry one of the best water coolers available. The ION Water Cooler.  The ION is a high performance state of the art cooler made right here in Rockford, Illinois. The ION water cooler is far above most other coolers. Our customers absolutely love this cooler. Non-stop cold water that is filtered down to a half micron. The ION is an extremely dependable cooler with many bells and whistles that help it perform at the highest level.

4 Models to Choose From:                Image result for Ion water cooler images                                

901--Cold and Ambiant                          
902--Cold and Hot 
902--Cold, Hot and Ambiant                         
904--Cold, Hot and Sparkling

The sparkling option is a newer trend in the water industry. Mix with one of your favorite flavors, the sparkling water is a huge hit. 
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